FTSE 100 Mean Reversion Swing Trading Strategy ✅

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A mean reversion swing trading strategy for the FTSE 100. Mean reversion is when we notice a market has stretched sharply in one direction and we are looking for the market to come back to an equilibrium level rather than a continuation of the move.
Some people call it an 'outside-in trade' rather than an 'inside-out' trade. The thing is that we are trying to spot the turning point of the market. For this strategy to work a range trading market is better but it is still going to work in a mild trending environment.

- Mark swing highs/lows
- Min gap between 7 to 10 days
- Place an alert at swing high/low
- Enter a stop entry order back in the direction of the mean
- Enter a stop above recent swing high/low
- Close position on Day 3

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