Is a Market Breakout Imminent!? 6️⃣ Ways to Tell!

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Is a market breakout imminent!? How to Identify a High Probability Breakout Trade. Signs that the market may be about to breakout the next day. How can I find the stocks which will breakout, and what are the breakout strategies? How do I find breakout stocks?

This is good for swing traders and even day traders who perhaps want to position for a volatility expansion the day after. Let's see some of the things that we might see as a precursor for a potential breakout in the market.

Breakouts in the Stock Market
1. Narrow range after a range expansion (or several)
2. Inside day.
3. Market closes near to the open.
4. Volume declines after higher volume.
5. Impending catalyst
6. Holding at/near extremes

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