My Opinion on the Trading Style of Meir Barak

I simply love watching videos by Meir Barak.

Something about the calmness of his commentary while profiting massively as well as his voice make it a pleasure to watch and learn.

I'm referring to a trade he made on Ross Stores on his video posted on May 29th 2018.

Basically, ROST gets pummeled when the market opens, so what Meir does is wait for a pullback to the upside on a huge opening downward move and hope for the stock to hit new lows.

When ROST has a 5-minute bar that is green he then waits a bit before entering a short position with 3600 shares. That's a lot of money! But what happens it's pretty amazing, in about 15 minutes he watches the stock hit new lows and his profit is $3,700.

Grant it Ross did sell off almost immediately after the pullback occurred so it would be nice to see how he would have handled the stock go against him, although in other videos I have seen him get rid of his shares pretty quickly when things start going against him.

Of the videos I've watched from him it is the ones where he is shorting that interest me the most.

What's even cooler about his style is I think he just uses a moving average... just a moving average!

Talk about minimalism and simplicity, he tends to use round numbers when making decisions on exits, which I guess is the equivalent of using levels.

So what do you guys think? Are you as big a fan of Meir's as I am?

"Live Stock Trading for $3,700"
Youtube Channel: Meir Barak - Tradenet Day Trading Academy
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