Reviewing The Hottest Penny Stocks Right Now

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There are so many freaking stocks in play ... So how do I decide which ones to trade? Check out the hottest penny stock plays right now!

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There are so many freaking stocks in play — how do you choose the best ones to trade?

After all, to make the most of these insane plays you have to be targeted and smart about recognizing patterns in potential trades.

My students are killing it with recent trades. I’ll show you some of their recent successes. You can learn from their trades, too — like me, they’re transparent.

My students trade with small accounts and share every detail of every trade. The fraudsters post screenshots of their so-called wins ... but they won’t show their losses or their account size.

In 2019, I’m finishing up with $124K in profits* ... all while visiting 30 countries, running a charity, donating roughly $1 million, and teaching more students than ever before...

So how do we –– my students and I –– find success in the market? I’ll break it all down in this video. I’ll walk you through some of my recent successful trades to help you learn from them.

Here’s one example: CYDY. This was a perfect breakout. I’ll show you the chart. Plus, learn how even though I didn’t have a perfect entry, I was able to add on a dip. It’s all about being nimble. Find out what happened when I sold into the gap up ... and what a good trade really looks like!

TRIL was another stock that netted me a profit*... even though it didn’t work out perfectly. I’ll show you how it still worked out — even though there were some imperfections with the setup and it was choppy.

SBES is another recent runner. Jackaroo spotted it in the Challenge chat room. Have I mentioned that I love it when my students end up schooling me? Low-priced stocks have been running on first green days … Learn how you can take advantage of them!

I’ll also show you FCEL, another short squeeze that created some great opportunities for longs. Learn why I love short squeezes and why I’m so thankful for all the idiot short-sellers who are getting crushed!

Don’t wanna study? Ignore my rules and see how much you can lose. Want to learn how to trade in the long term? Consider joining my Trading Challenge.

Do you prefer first green days, morning dip buys ... or both? There’s no right answer — I just wanna know what works best for you!

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