Transforming Lives Every Day - Adam Khoo Youth

Youth constitutes the most vibrant, energetic and productive segment of the society. They
are our future leaders and key stakeholders. We have no greater way to write the future than
to effectively and intentionally empower future generations.

AKLTG Youth Division helps young people develop life skills, which will enable them to
engage the process of living with hope and commitment and therefore live productively
in the 21st century. This preparation and equipping process has been broadly termed as
Education, or Training, as we know it. The purpose of training is to teach people to live
disciplined and successful lives.

AKLTG Youth Division meets the practical needs of youth on the ground by specialising in
using different training mediums for messaging - often linked to learning outcomes and
goals of the organisations that the youth represent. We deliver dynamic and high-impact t
training for youth and have since developed 75 different well-researched, age-appropriate
programmes, providing a myriad of youth engagement platforms such as talks, workshops,
camps, conferences and large-scale events where youth can participate.


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